The State of the Spanish Book Sector 2017

June 21st, 2017. The Observatorio de la Lectura y el Libro (The Observatory of Reading and the Book), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in Spain, has published a new version of the report ‘The Spanish Book Sector, 2017’, from which we have taken a few points:

-In 2015, 2963 publishing companies were recorded as active in Spain, 134 less than the year before. The majority of these companies publish less than 10 books a year.

-On average, 5 new publishing companies are created every week.

-The number of published books rises for the second year in a row, reaching 79,397 titles, 0.2% more books than last year.

-Paper publishing rises by 0.4%.

-The subsector with the highest growth is textbook publishing.

-Madrid and Catalonia make up more than 62% of national publishing.

-The contribution of translated works continues to fall, now representing 16.2%.

Books in Spanish translated in other European markets

In 2015 10,303 titles were translated from foreign languages into Spanish languages and 984 from Spanish languages into foreign languages. Within this last group, English takes first place, making up almost a third of these titles, followed by French, Italian and German.

Read complete report (in Spanish)  here