Albuquerque Public Schools partners with program to make students bilingual

Albuquerque Public Schools is partnering with Dual Language Education of New Mexico to create a program that would essentially align an elementary school with its middle school and its high school to make sure students get a bilingual education from pre-k to high school.

Officials say this could look different at every grade level but say an example could look like a math class being taught in all Spanish while a language arts class would be taught in all English.They want Spanish speaking students to become fluent in English and vice versa. They say it’s also about having a value for the other cultures that are involved. Their goal is to create students who will be much more prepared for the global market.

“It makes them much more employable. Our students who are doing business, they have to communicate with all different cultures and all different languages,” said Yvonne Garcia, Associate Superintendent for High School and Curriculum Instruction.

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