2017: The Year of Gloria (Fuertes). Anthologies and reissues in the centenary of her birth. Books and activities in celebration of the centenary of the birth of Gloria Fuertes

It happens very often: an author —or an authoress – is forgotten by his or her readers during years, during entire decades, until it is time for a commemoration and he or she comes back to the forefront.

That is what happened to Gloria Fuertes, one of the fundamental figures of the literature of Spain in the twentieth century, who was very popular in her facet as an author of children literature —as well as her TV appearances, including their parodies – and less well know for her estimable books for adults. 2017 marks the first centenary of her birth —on July 28th, 1917, in the neighborhood of Lavapiés in Madrid—, and among the activities for its celebration there will be a publication of several anthologies of her work, as well as the reissue of her less well-known books. The first one to step forward in this explosion of new Gloria Fuertes reissues was Blackie Books, which before alst summer announced the publication of an extensive anthology of her poetry, “the most ambitious project” in the history of that publishing house. Jorge de Cascante, the editor of ‘El libro de Gloria Fuertes’ (‘The Book of Gloria Fuertes,’ a compilation of her poems and her life) has done research in the author’s archives in search of unpublished documents, and has interviewed more than forty friends and acquaintances of the poet, as well as experts on her life and her work.