The Madrid Booksellers Union Award

“The librarian Marisa Mediavilla wins the legend award from the booksellers of Madrid in recognition of her ‘passionate and tireless promotion of the literary legacy of women’.


The Booksellers Union of Madrid has announced its annual award winners: in addition to the Legend Prize, given for an entire career, Book of the Year goes to Tú no eres como otras madres (You’re Not Like Other Mothers) by Angelika Schrobsdorff; Best Non-Fiction Book to La España vacía (Empty Spain) by Sergio del Molino; Best Comic to the veteran draughtsman Carlos Giménez for Crisálida (Crysalid); Illustrated Album to Akim corre (Akim Runs) by Claude K. Dubois, a book about suffering and indifference.”

Translation by The Spanish Bookstage 

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