The ‘phenomenon’ Dolores Redondo wins the Premio Planeta

The Spanish writer won last Saturday the 65th edition of the Planeta Prize, the most gifted of the Spanish literature.

“The 65th edition of the Premio Planeta, a round number, demanded a prestigious winner who also met the popularity requirements, meaning a representative of the currently fashionable crime genre. Furthermore, as has been the trend for the award in recent editions, it had to be a house author, if at all possible. This all came together spectacularly with the writer Dolores Redondo, one of the most recent phenomena in Spanish publishing with her Baztán Trilogy (over 400,000 copies sold, published by Destino, one of the group’s imprints, a generator of local tourism, a film on its way…)

(…) The finalists were also in keeping with a ceremony that has been attended by Spanish royalty and the cream of the Spanish and Catalan political scene, including another phenomenon: Marcos Chicot, the author of the top selling Spanish ebook El asesinato de Pitágoras (The Murder of Pythagoras), who followed up that major success with another crime novel set in Ancient Greece: El asesinato de Sócrates (The Murder of Socrates, 150,250 euros).”

Translation by The Spanish Bookstage 

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