Barcelona’s Daniel Fernández: Protecting the Essence of Publishing

As he contemplates speaking on October 18 at Frankfurt Book Fair’s The Markets conference, Spain’s Daniel Fernández talks of struggles in cultural shifts, copyright, and piracy.

In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will tackle issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of Frankfurt Book Fair’s and Publishing Perspectives’ conference, we hear now from Daniel Fernández of Spain’s Edhasa publishing house. Fernández will speak as our analyst on that country’s publishing industry at The Markets: Global Publishing Summit. 

By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson

‘Publishing Is Genuinely European’

300 The Markets logoIn his Twitter conversation with Frankfurt Book Fair last week, Spain’s Javier Celaya spoke of “a new generation of publishing entrepreneurs willing to embrace the new opportunities” now becoming evident in the Spanish-language markets.

And while Celaya will speak at Frankfurt’s The Markets: Global Publishing Summit on October 18 in the role of visionary (here is our interview with him), the conference’s analytical commentary from Spain will be handled by Barcelona’s Daniel Fernández.

As Celaya has noted in his own white paper preparatory to The Markets, “We have observed a massive trend by independent publishers to become more involved in the production and marketing of digital books, especially in Latin America.

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